“I congratulate ORCA on this exemplary report and on the organization’s important mission. Students Students around the world will benefit from this information.” These are the first sentences that US professor Jeffrey Beall uses in a communication with the Organisation for Improving the Quality of Education (ORCA).

Through this communication, Beall praises ORCA’s research “The Academic Integrity of the Managing Sta­ff of the University of Prishtina” [link], published in February this year.

Jeffrey Beall is an associate professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, as well as initiator of a global movement on academic integrity by unmasking predatory journals, which pretend to be genuine scientific publications.

“University faculty have a responsibility to avoid predatory journals, and academic positions and promotions must not be based on articles that appear in pay-to-publish journals”, Beall says in his communication on ORCA’s research.

The report published in February 2017 exposed that half of the managing staff of the University of Pristina did not meet the criteria to justify the academic ranks they held. Also, a significant share, circa 40%, had at least one paper in suspicious journals, which Beall and other researchers call “predatory”.

He notes that the model of academic integrity that ORCA is pursuing should serve as an example beyond Kosovo. “I hope the report inspires the creation of ORCA-like organizations in other countries”, Beall says.

After a series of research and a public battle of several months by ORCA, the latest academic promotions in the University of Prishtina were concluded with renewed academic discipline. The overwhelming majority of those professors which ORCA had analysed and deemed they did not meet the legal criteria for the academic ranks they applied for, were not promoted in higher academic ranks.